The Night

silhouette of trees during nighttime

The Night

You always get what you want.

Those pearl earrings that shined so flawlessly off the pristine plexi glass. You never said a word as your bright blue eyes shined with hope, with desire, with want.

I thought of the consequences, and I caved like I always do.

That night, when you told me to cut the ties to the strings that hold me in place.

That night, you held me in your arms as I cried, cursed and fought.

That night, I said goodbye to my mother.

I said goodbye to my father.

Then there were those friends that you never liked. You eliminated them one bye one.

Flirtation here.

Flirtation there.

Threats here

Threats there.

And now, as the flames lick at my feet and make their way up my leg, I think of that night.

That night, you told me to die.

You always get what you want.

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